IRC offers a full range of infrared cameras across all infrared wavelength regions (SWIR – LWIR). From high performance Science cameras to OEM cores to optical gas imagers, we provide the industry’s broadest selection of high-performance near, short and long wave infrared imaging systems.  Through our commitment to flexible product design, we offer customized solutions to meet the needs of the most demanding IR imaging applications.

Mid Wave Features

  • highest frame rates available
  • NEdT as low as 15mK
  • superior uniformity
  • unmatched linearity
  • ultra low noise
  • no blooming or crosstalk
  • no solar retention

Short Wave Features

  • low SWaP
  • ruggedized mil-spec packaging
  • solid-state operation
  • Vis-SWIR & NIR-SWIR options
  • daylight to starlight operation
  • high frame rate options

Long Wave Features

  • OEM cores to high-performance imagers
  • handheld & laboratory configurations
  • temperature calibration


QuazIR is IRCameras’ new OEM core. It is available in either 320×256, 640×512 or 1280×1024 formats. Configurable with fixed or continuous zoom optics.


QuazIR™ HD+ HOT nBn

QuazIR HD+ is IRCameras’ new high definition warm midwave nBn OEM core. It is available in 1280×1024 format with either fixed or continuous zoom optics.


Niatros™ Optical Gas Imager

For demanding fixed, vehicle and airborne applications IRCameras introduces its line of cooled MWIR Infrared (IR) camera cores.


Mid Wave 900 Series

Our closed-cycle IRC900 Series cameras are ideal for field, mobile and continuously deployed requirements, as well as laboratory applications.


Mid Wave 800 Series

Our IRC800 Series cameras utilize an LN2-cooled, pour-filled dewar assembly, providing the ultimate in flexibility for science & research applications.


Short Wave 900 Series

The IRC906-SWIR and IRC906HS-SWIR are the latest addition to IRCameras’ line of cooled InSb sensors. They offer 640×512 resolution and frame rates up to 475 Hz.


Broadband IR Camera

The IRC906sls is the latest addition to IRCameras’ line of Closed Cycle Stirling Cooled Cameras.


Short Wave Products

Our ruggedized, solid-state SWIR cameras are ideal for persistent surveillance and other military, aerospace and scientific applications.


Long Wave Products

Our long wave infrared cameras are used for a broad range of applications from low SWaP payloads for surveillance to thermography and high-performance scientific imaging.