QuazIRâ„¢ LR

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QuazIRâ„¢ LR InSb Camera Cores

with continuous zoom optics for medium & long range imaging

IRC’s new family of QuazIR™ LR MWIR OEM camera cores are among the most advanced cooled OEM sensor packages produced today. Available in either 640 x 512 or high definition 1280 x 1024 formats, IRC’s QuazIR™ LR camera cores provide the superior performance of a mid wave sensor in a package specifically configured for applications where size, weight and power are critical considerations.

QuazIR™ LR MWIR camera cores can be configured with a wide range of continuous zoom optics for medium and long range requirements. Both camera and optics can be controlled through a single integrated communications interface. Flexible digital and analog outputs, low power consumption and unmatched thermal sensitivity result in a high performance infrared imaging solution appropriate for mission critical fixed, mobile and airborne applications.

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Detector QuazIRTM LR SD QuazIRTM LR  HD
Detector type Photovoltaic Indium Antimonide
Operability >99.5%
Spectral response 3.6 μm – 4.9 μm 3.6 μm – 4.9 μm or 3μm – 5.0μm
Resolution (pixels) 640 x 512 1280 x 1024
Pixel pitch 15 μm x 15 μm 12 μm x 12 μm
NEdT < 15 mK typical < 30 mK typical
Stirling Cooler type Rotary Rotary or linear
Detector operating temperature 77°K
Cool down time < 6 Minutes @ 23°C – < 8 minutes @ 60° C ambient typical
Cold shield f# f/4.0 or f/5.5 standard
Display formats 480i or 480p 720p or 1080p
Analog display video NTSC or PAL HD-SDI
Digital data Camera Link, GigE
Video compression H.264 (optional)
Synchronization  modes Internal/external sync and clock
Maximum frame rate –full frame 60 Hz 60 Hz
Lens direct technology Native support for motorized focus and continuous zoom lenses
Image  Presentation
Processing Local area processing dynamic contrast enhancement, noise reduction, edge enhancement, AGC/ALC, electronic zoom, multi color palettes, symbology, reticle
Power +12 V DC Nominal, +24 V DC Optional
Power consumption <8 W capable @ 23° C ambient steady state (w/o lens)
<12 W capable @ 23° C ambient during cool down (w/o lens)
Weight <2 pounds (w/o lens)
Size 5.5” (l) x 2.85” (h) x 2.5” (w) (Typical w/o lens)
Operating temperature range -40° to 65° C
Storage temperature range -50° to 70° C
Available f/4.0 15 – 250 mm continuous zoom (optional 2.4x extender)
15 – 330 mm continuous zoom (optional 2.0x, 2.3x, 2.5x extender)
45 – 450mm contionuous zoom
Other options available – consult factory
Available f/5.5 19 – 275 mm continuous zoom (optional 1.5x, 2.0x, 2.55x extender)
20 – 320 mm continuous zoom (optional 2.0x, 2.3x extender)
200 – 1200 mm continuous zoom
Other options available – consult factory

Specifications are subject to change without notice.