Niatros™ Optical Gas Imager

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IRC’s new Niatros™ MWIR optical gas imaging camera cores, manufactured exclusively for sale by Leak Surveys, Inc., are among the most advanced cooled thermal infrared sensor packages produced today. Available in a choice of FPA formats, our Niatros™ camera cores are equipped with patented technology to optically image and detect hydrocarbon gases.

Our Niatros™ InSb gas imaging cores can be configured with a choice of closed cycle Stirling coolers rated for approximately 10,000 or 45,000 hours mean time to failure.

A wide range of both fixed focal length and continuous optical zoom lenses with auto focus is offered. Both camera and optics can be controlled through a single integrated communication interface. Niatros™ camera cores are available with a choice of digital and analog inputs and outputs including Camera Link, H.264, NTSC/PAL video and RS-232/RS-422.

Niatros™ is equipped with advanced image processing features including Local Area Processing-Dynamic Contrast Enhancement (LAP-DnCE) and a noise reduction filter to optimize the detection and imaging of fugitive gas emissions.

Niatros™ HD+, our 1280×1024 high definition MWIR imager, is based on nBn technology, the latest in high operating temperature (HOT) midwave sensors specifically designed for applications where a minimal footprint and low power consumption are important considerations.

Niatros™ Press Release

IRC Niatros™ Datasheet

Detector  Niatros™320 Niatros™SD Niatros™HD
Detector type Photovoltaic Indium Antimonide
Spectral response MWIR
Resolution (pixels) 320×256 640×512 1280×1024
Pixel pitch 30 micron 20 micron 12 micron
Operability ≥99.5%
NEdT <15 mk typical <25 mk typical
Cooler Type Rotary or linear Stirling cryocooler
Detector Operating Temperature 77°K or 130°K, depending on sensor material
Cool Down Time <6 minutes @ 23° ambient typical – < 8 minutes @ 60°C ambient typical
Cold Shield # f/1.5, f/2.0, & f/2.3 standard, others available by special request”
Cold Filter LSI patented technology incorporating a narrow bandpass cold filter
Display Formats 480i or 480p 720p or 1080p
Analog Display Video NTSC, PAL 9with S Video option) HD-SDI available
Digital Data Camera Link (standard); Gig-E (optional)
Video Compression H.264 baseline profile via Ethernet (optional)
Synchronization Modes Internal/external sync and clock
Max Frame Rate – Full Frame As supported by sensor at up to 80 M pixels/sec on digital stream interface (consult factory for specific configuration)
Lens Direct Technology Native support for motorized focus and continuous zoom lenses
Power +12 VDC nominal
Power Consumption <8 W capable @ 23°C ambient steady state (w/o lens)
<12 W capable @ 23°C ambient during cool down (w/o lens)
Weight <2 pounds (w/o lens)
Size 5.5″(l) x 2.85″(h) x 2.5″(w) (typical w/o lens)
Operating Temperature -40°C to 65°C
Storage Temperature -50°C to 70°C
Available f/1.5 Consult factory
Available f/2.3 Fixed focal length 13, 25, 50, 100 mm
Continuous Zoom Lenses Consult factory
Custom Lens Options Consult factory

Specifications are subject to change without notice.