Long Wave Products

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Advancements in uncooled technology continue to expand the range of application for infrared imaging systems. These developments, combined with steady improvements in the performance of long wave sensors, provide researchers with a variety of new tools to solve demanding application challenges.

IRCameras partners with two innovative optical system manufacturers to provide an extensive line-up of long wave infrared cameras. They range from low-cost, low SWaP OEM payloads from DRS, to high-performance scientific research and temperature-calibrated thermography systems from Jenoptik.

Mid Range 360° Panoramic Thermal Imager

IRC introduces a new approach to short range and mid-range panoramic imaging. Through innovative developments at St. John’s Optical Systems, IRC now offers a unique 30 Hz frame rate panoramic imaging system. Utilizing a single high definition infrared camera and no moving parts, the user can continuously monitor large areas without fear of losing track of a potential targets due to camera motion. With detection of humans out to 350 meters and vehicles out to 1100 meters, this camera provides total perimeter security at an affordable price.

A simple GigE interface and WiFi connectivity allows security professionals with smart phones to view real-time imagery, providing enhanced situational awareness.

With on board temperature calibration, users can simultaneously detect overheating components while at the same time providing persistent surveillance of high valued assets, truly a breakthrough in perimeter protection.

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High Definition Long Wave Uncooled Infrared Camera

Providing superior resolution, this high definition long wave uncooled infrared camera with 1024 x 768 resolution and 17 micron pixel pitch provides unmatched image quality and performance. Through innovative developments at St. John’s Optical Systems, IRC now offers a unique 30 Hz frame rate imaging system, the camera combines a high definition FPA with embedded Linux on board image processing resulting in a highly versatile thermal imaging camera. Our temperature controlled detector and calibrated flag allow for temperature measurement and extremely stable image quality in an IP67 enclosed camera.

A simple GigE interface and WiFi connectivity allow for remote monitoring in a variety of applications. The built in SD card slot offers endless possibilities for data storage on the camera. We offer 25 mm, 50 mm and 75 mm lens options or you can purchase the camera and easily integrate it with your own optics using our flexible lens interface design.


  • 1024 x 768 VOx microbolometer
  • Embedded Linux based image processing
  • On Board data storage via SD card slot
  • NEdT < 40 mK
  • GigE interface
  • WiFi connectivity
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DRS Technologies

DRS is redefining the compact class of thermal cameras. With camera modules weighing as little as 30 grams, occupying less than 30 cubic centimeters, and drawing as little as 750 mW of power, DRS cameras provide an ideal solution for applications constrained by aggressive size, weight and power requirements. Offering both OEM cores and finished products, DRS leads the way in compact, low cost thermal imaging.

Tamarisk 320 Precision Series

Complete with robust features such as temperature ICE-o-Therms™ for delineating multiple regions with user defined color parameters, dynamic range switching for optimal performance from -40°C to +550°C and adjustable spotmeter for rapid temperature measurement, Tamarisk. Precision Series enhances OEM capabilities for a variety of applications. DRS’ proprietary radiometric colorization works seamlessly with its Image Contrast Enhancement (ICE™) algorithm to provide unmatched clarity and scene detail with true temperature measurement.

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Tamarisk 640
Featuring a 640×480 long-wavelength (8–14 microns) uncooled VOx microbolometer, this camera is designed for infrared imaging applications that demand high resolution, small size, light weight, and low power consumption.  With all these features and a 17 μm pixel size, the Tamarisk 640 provides a flexible solution to ensure your projects’ success.

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Tamarisk 320
Introducing the world’s smallest 320 x 240 thermal camera with an integrated shutter for flat-field correction. The first VOx microbolometer of its kind, it combines industry-leading 17 μm pixel pitch technology with DRS’ patented advanced absorber superstructure to provide greater sensitivity and superior image quality in a package weighing as little as 30 grams.

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