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The IRC712 HD InGaAs SWIR camera provides the longest integration times and highest frame rate at 1.3 Mpixel resolution.

Manufactured by Princeton Infrarerd Technologies, this lattice matched InGaAs camera allows for high resolution SWIR imaging at 1280×1024 resolution at 95fps. The small pitch array, 12μm, combined with the high quantum efficiency of the lattice matched InGaAs arrays enables impressive imaging in the SWIR and visible band. The camera has the capability of three setpoints, 25C (no cooling), 0C (fan cooling) or -50C (water cooled) using a 3 stage TEC integrated in a vacuum package. This advanced digital array offers the lowest read noise (<30e-) of all cooled SWIR scientific cameras with no image lag. Low dark current InGaAs and a 3 stage TEC result in high sensitivity imaging enabling very long integration times in excess of 3 minutes.

The camera has a medium Camera Link interface to allow for fast full frame rate imaging with a dynamic range of 14 bits. Lattice matched InGaAs provides high quantum efficiency response in the shortwave infrared as well as in the visible with response from 0.4um to 1.7um.  Software for camera control and image acquisition is available and supports a number of Camera Link framegrabbers.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 1.43.42 PMCAMERA CAPABILITIES

  • 1280 x 1024 resolution
  • 400 – 1700nm spectral response
  • 12μm pixel size
  • <30 electrons read noise
  • 3 stage TE cooler
  • Frame rate >95Hz

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