MIAMI & SANTA BARBARA, Calif. August 22, 2017. HEICO Corporation (NYSE: HEI.A and HEI) announced today that its IRCameras, LLC (“IRC”) subsidiary supplied a specially designed infrared imaging camera which was incorporated into an Airborne Infrared Spectrometer (“AIR-Spec”) used to observe and obtain measurements of the total solar eclipse visible throughout much of the United States yesterday.  IRC Team Members designed and produced the device entirely in the United States.

IRCameras and Leak Surveys Introduce the Niatrosâ„¢ Optical Gas Imaging Infrared Camera for LDAR Market

IRCameras (IRC), the industry’s leading provider of high-performance infrared imaging systems and Leak Surveys (LSI), the foremost authority on hydrocarbon gas leak detection, announce today the availability of the Niatrosâ„¢ series of infrared optical gas imaging OEM cameras. Designed for fixed mounted, UAS and gimbal solutions, Niatrosâ„¢ provides the first OEM Core solution designed specifically for the Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) market.

IRCameras Introduces the QuazIRHD+â„¢, a True High Definition Infrared OEM Camera

IRCameras (IRC), the industry’s leading provider of high-performance infrared imaging systems, announces the QuazIRâ„¢ family of infrared OEM cameras, including the QuazIRâ„¢ 320, the QuazIRâ„¢-SD, the QuazIRâ„¢-HD and the QuazIRâ„¢-HD+, a true high definition OEM camera designed for applications where size, weight and power (SWaP) are critical considerations. Built on a customizable modular platform, this innovative technological design allows engineers to easily integrate the QuazIRâ„¢ OEM core into both new and existing sensor platforms.

IRCameras Launches SWIR Scientific Cameras with Multispectral Capabilities

IRCameras (IRC), the industry’s leading provider of custom high performance infrared imaging systems, announces today the availability of an extended short wave infrared (SWIR) scientific camera to its IRC800 and IRC900 series cameras. Unlike traditional SWIR products that only detect wavelengths up to 1.7 µm, these cameras are capable of detecting wavelengths out to 2.5 µm. This extended imaging capability gives users a better understanding about a wide range of materials and phenomena, and the ability to see objects and make measurements in this important and active spectral region.

Advances in Detectors: HOT IR Sensors Improve IR Camera Size, Weight, and Power

High-operating-temperature (HOT) IR cameras based on two new focal-plane-array technologies—nBn and strained-layer superlattice (SLS)—are well-suited for applications where low size, weight, and power are crucial.

Infrared Imaging: New IR Detector Materials Challenge Existing Technologies

In choosing an infrared camera to meet the demands of any given application, systems developers must know the spectral characteristics of the material to be examined. Using an IR spectrometer or a spectral radiometer, transmission or reflectance vs. wavelength plots can be determined that in turn are useful in determining the type of detector array that must be used in the camera system.

New Line of Infrared Imaging Cores Made Possible By Development of Flexible AgileCoreâ„¢Electronics

AgileCore™ is a new imaging electronics package designed to support IRCameras’ expanding line of infrared imaging cameras. AgileCore™ is based upon a completely programmable FPGA architecture, and as such, is easily upgraded with new features based upon market and mission needs. In addition, new focal plane arrays are easily integrated with AgileCore™ with minimal risk and rapid time-to-market. This results in our ability to quickly introduce new camera configurations based on the latest sensors and customer requirements.